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birthday.. clem 17:28:59 happy, energetic, go lucky. wonderful mother of two, wonderful sister. wonderful friend 08 clem vestal says his niece had her whole life ahead of her... a life that centered around her 5 year old son, conner, and 9 month old daughter, sammijo. clem 17:27:42 she was getting ready to go to college in a few months. she was a hard worker. just, she's... she's going to missed by many 59 des moines police are still trying to piece together what happened just before midnight on halloween. haley was with her boyfriend- 41 year old sam archer. on their way home from a party that night, the couple came across a train near hull and delaware... police say when archer went to turn around-- she somehow ended up outside the moving car, was run over and killed. police 17:25:59 was speed a factor? was there an erratic move and if there was, was there a reason for that? those are the things we look at, what
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so far, the accident investigation does not show that alcohol or any foul play contributed to her death. still, police have questions.. police 17:25:19 not being able to say whether or not she fell or whether or not she jumped out. that's what raises all the questions 26 but their search for answers will provide little to comfort to the family haley left behind. clem 17:30:54 my focus is for her babies, for her mother, for everybody involved. just to get through this 03 archer was arrested on an outstanding warrant. police say the charged stemmed from a bar fight last april. archer was booked and released from the polk county jail. meanwhile, hols' funeral is set for friday. donations to help the family accepted at hamilton's funeral home. a police dog is responsible for chase
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overnight. it all started at southeast 14th and hartford around three this morning. police say the plates on the car were registered to a person who doesn't have a valid license. the chase wound through several city streets for at least 20 minutes. officers deployed stop sticks at southeast fifth and scott avenue... bringing the car to a stop. but they say the driver...shaun phelan got out of the vehicle and started running. the police dog caught up with him a short time later. many of the rural iowa roads may be less traveled... but they prove to be just as dangerous. many iowan began taking more notice of uncontrolled intersections after four deaths in august. that number equals the total number of those killed in 2014. it included three new sharon boys in one incident...and a maxwell father of five in another. many drivers grow familiar with going through intersections with no stop or yield signs. but the obstructed views and dark nights prove drivers
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until it's too late. 23:10:22-23:10:34 id rather be another accident then somebody else having to go through what we went through.' how many uncontrolled intersections exist on iowa county roads... and why it's difficult for county road engineers to make any changes. police are investigating a bizarre case out of omaha. a woman is facing charges...and after being bit by a tiger at the "henry doorly zoo." police say jacqueline eide sneaked into the zoo early this morning to reportedly pet the tiger. investigators say the tiger bit cage. the 33-year-old was hospitalized with a hand injury and charged with trespassing. hospital workers say eide was of intoxication. court records show eide has a lengthy criminal history in both nebraska and iowa. the urbandale police department say a federal grant will help it fight cyber crimes. the department got a 125-thousand-
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dollar "cops grant." it'll allow the department to hire another officer to serve on the patrol unit before the new year. that in turn will allow an existing officer to spend more time on internet-related crime. officials say urbandale follows the national trend in seeing an increase in cyber crimes. that includes everything from identity theft to child pornography cases. windsor heights is expected to give the final vote tonight on merging its fire department. it is estimated the deal with the clive fire department will save the cities up to 600-thousand-dollars. the proposal is to move the entire operation to the clive fire house...and close the windsor heights location. the windsor heights city council meeting begins in about an hour. the clive city council is expected to vote later this month. it feels more like may...than november. let's check in with chief meteorologist ed wilson to see how long we'll be spoiled? ed? clear skies this evening with breezy southwest winds tonight. temperatures will quickly drop from the upper 70s we had this afternoon to the upper 50s later this
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evening. another sunny, breezy and warm day is on the way for tuesday. it's a first for presidential candidate bernie sanders.
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the democratic candidate will begin airing ads here tomorrow. the minute long spot is called "real change." the campaign says it will introduce potential democratic voters to the sanders by telling them about sanders' childhood in new york. the spot also talks about his work in congress and his fundraising efforts. sanders is spending 2-million- dollars on air time here and in new hampshire. he may be polling in the middle of the republican pack... but ohio governor john kasich hopes to gain momentum after speaking in front of nationwide insurance employees today... kasich was the first of the presidential candidates to participate at nationwide's des moines town hall meeting... he touted his experience as a u-s legislator after becoming the youngest state senator of ohio at the age of 26... kasich discussed his family upbringing and blue collar roots which can be grandfather... the governor also fielded a handful of questions from gay marriage to the health care system and immigration..
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"we are not going to deport 11 million people during wwii we took japanese and put them into camps and it's still a black stain on our's not a good policy, it's not a good humanitarian will break up's crazy." kasich also called upon the american people to step up and help rebuild family and community strength to make the country stronger. the governor is about to mark a major milestone. on december 14th, branstad will become the longest serving governor in the u-s. it will be his 7-thousand-640th day in office. branstad will surpass governor george clinton of new york...who is considered one of the country's founding fathers. the celebratory plans were announced today... there will be an open reception from ten to four at the capitol... followed by a dinner at the state fairgrounds.. invites have gone out to politicians from both sides of the isle...
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12:30:00-12:30:29 i never imagined this would happen. i feel very humbled that people of iowa have chosen me and that i have never lost and election... i take that responsibility ....being conscious and working hard no public funds are being used to host the dinner. you can get tickets by going to iowa-history-fund-dot-org. it's not really thought of as a female dominated field... but that isn't stopping one knoxville woman. 49:17 "we've really gained a lot of traction and it's been fun." meet the woman behind peace tree brewing company...and find out about the competition she won that's helping her business expand.
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and it's something we all need...and it's not cheap! coming up...who's responsible t-p and who it'll help this winter. plus, it's a special football monday today! a little bit later...what we can expect as waukee takes on valley in the second round of the
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"people are really interested in what they're drinking and coming from." craft beer is becoming more and more popular as people look for local brews. for one central iowa brewing business, it isn't just the beer that's
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getting attention. channel 13's megan reuther takes us to a taproom in knoxville, with unique leadership. the story is new at five. nats outside inside this downtown knoxville building... you'll find a flurry of activity... @24:18 "right now we do three beers year round." done mostly by men. @21:25 "you think you'll get lot of those done today." but, if you need a decision made... @20:39 "they just assume that i'm the marketing girl typically." you need to talk to a woman. @45:58 "this is peace tree brewing company, and i'm the president and owner." megan mee-gan mckay founded peace tree brewing company with two others in 2009. this winter, she started working here full-time and became the only owner. @18:19 "the statistic i read for 100% women owned business breweries is only 2 percent, and i think it was 17% that have at least one owner." standup@31:00"and, the owner has plans to expand peace tree brewing company, and she'll get a little help with that, thanks to winning an
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@59:30 "it's based loosely on the program 'shark tank' a statewide non profit called iowa women lead change hosd the "invest in she" competition in des moines in september. @59:48 "the concept is, we bring these scalable, existing businesses to the stage and they pitch their businesses in front of local investors." mckay got twelve thousand dollars worth of services to help streamline production, look for a des moines location and hire a temporary employee for financial work...possibly a woman. @19:57 "the more we can get women into non traditional careers, they can grow into future business owners or at the top of businesses down the road." bringing a different she grows her brewing business. "honestly, we're not going to have much left." in knoxville, megan reuther, channel 13 news. mckay is also assigned a mentor for a year, as part of the "invest in she"
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skies will remain clear tonight and temperatures mild. lows will be in the low 50s. with the clear skies, you may potentially be able to see the northern lights tonight as auroral activity is high. tomorrow will be another sunny and mild day. highs will reach the upper 70s. the record high is 76 from 2008. winds will again be strong from the southwest, gusting up near 30 mph. we will have one more day in the 70s before cooler air arrives on thursday. there may be some rain showers thursday night through friday morning. temperatures will stay in the
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a metro church is helping meet a critical need for "hope ministries" today. it came in the form of a big donation of toilet paper. 12:52:13-12:52:20 they do a ton of things...mean a lot of people are using the facilities. the "living faith lutheran church" of clive did a toilet paper drive last month. volunteers went out across the community asking for donations. in all, they collected 13-
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hundred rolls for "hope ministries" facilities. 12:58:32-12:59:00 a lot of people aren't aware... but we also have our bethal mission... all of those facilities have different needs. for the most part the hope center has the most need for this item. hope ministries says the donation will last a few months. it's the second round of playoffs... and tonight it's a bit of a flashback... we watched waukee and valley in week one... now they're back at the playoffs. next, the waukee coach tells us how his team is preparing in hopes of pulllg
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if you think we can grow our economy while ignoring climate change, think again. america's most innovative companies are already moving to clean energy using existing technology to improve their bottom line. now we need a plan to help businesses and families across america to save money on electricity and create millions of new jobs.
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it all starts with 50% clean energy by 2030. so, what are we waiting for? two powerhouse teams from the the playoffs tonight. it's the second round of the takes us to waukee. there.... the warriors are tigers. the winner will go to the quarterfinals. let's head out live to john
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stick around, we'll get another
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there's much more to come later tonight on the channel 13 news... first... at six... the governor said today he supports the use of eminent domain in some circumstances. hear his explanation and what he's saying about the
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bakken oil pipeline proposal. then... much more in football playoffs! the sports crew is keeping tabs on the waukee-valley game...the ankeny centennial and johnston match-up and the norwalk-gilbert duo. they'll have those highlights and much ten. finally is november now...and that means thanksgiving will be here before we know it. along with the holiday is the macy's day parade! organizer announced today the star studded lineup expected at the event. besides the signature giant balloons...the stars including mariah carey, quest love, the cast of "sesame street", jordin sparks, andy grammer and pat benatar among many others. of course you can see it all on the
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